Food Innovation Districts


The wide world of local and healthy food is coming together at the community level in many ways. A new guidebook explains how some towns are developing whole business districts around the synergy of community gardens, farmers markets, farm-to-table eateries, cottage food businesses and more. “Food Innovation Districts: An Economic Gardening … [Read more...]

Michigan Cities Tangle with State’s Right to Farm Act


Urban agriculture is one of those things that virtually everyone recognizes as a powerful way to strengthen Michigan. Urban agriculture brings healthy food to neighborhoods without quality grocery stores. It brings neighbors together, which strengthens investments that families and businesses make in a community’s future. Urban agriculture also … [Read more...]

Financing Measure Could Boost Farm Production in Food Deserts


By Bob Heuer & Patty Cantrell First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity moved forward Wednesday with her announcement that grocery chains have agreed to open or expand 1,500 stores in urban and rural “food deserts” nationwide. She did not say who would be growing all the anticipated fruits and vegetables. Many believe … [Read more...]

Urban Agriculture: A True WWII Story


My family here in Germany, where I’m visiting this week and next, has a favorite story about my great grandfather, Karl Bader. After already fighting in World War I, he stayed on the home front during the next war, taking care of his wife and two daughters. He did the best he could with a cellar for bomb shelter and a garden for what food they … [Read more...]