Matchmakers Pull Local Food Sector Together


Originally published April 6, 2015 at the Wallace Center “Good Food Economy Digest“ Weekend phone calls, late nights, working out the details of a new farm-to-retail distribution venture. The entrepreneurs on either end of the line are Laura Edwards-Orr and John Brusie. She is executive director of Red Tomato, a local food venture that’s been … [Read more...]

Food Hubs: Solving Local


Small-farm aggregators, called food hubs, are helping wholesalers stock local food and sell it with integrity; with the local economic, environmental, and social benefits consumers want. The new Wallace Center-National Good Food Network report — Food Hubs: Solving Local — shows how. Here’s an excerpt of the report, co-authored by Patty … [Read more...]

Making Economic Sense of Local Good Food


What are the economic drivers behind so much local food demand and business growth? My answer in a presentation earlier this year is that it is a highly entrepreneurial spirit inside all of us that is breaking down major barriers and opening new opportunity. The secret to further growth and development of local and regional food systems is to drop … [Read more...]

Food Innovation Districts


The wide world of local and healthy food is coming together at the community level in many ways. A new guidebook explains how some towns are developing whole business districts around the synergy of community gardens, farmers markets, farm-to-table eateries, cottage food businesses and more. “Food Innovation Districts: An Economic Gardening … [Read more...]

Food Innovation District: New Economic Gardening Tool


Farmers and gardeners all know that the most powerful thing they can do to grow healthy plants is to invest in soil. Rich soil is the key to vibrant, resilient plants; it’s the basic building block of life. Now take that truth and apply it to your local economy. What is the most powerful thing we can do to grow strong businesses and lasting … [Read more...]

Local Demand Re-shaping Market Links from Farmer to Consumer


By Patty Cantrell and Bob Heuer, Fair Food Network Macomb County vegetable grower George DeBruyn has had a busy season supplying supermarkets and his own produce market north of metropolitan Detroit. His upcoming plans elicit a chuckle. “Four schools have called me so far this year to buy our produce,” he says with a glint in his blue eyes. … [Read more...]